Malaysia’s Stem Cell Treatment: Redefining Innovative Rejuvenating Therapy

Major developments are happening in Autologous Immunotherapy in Malaysia that is a new milieu in the field of regenerative medicine. The use of Autologous Immunotherapy consisting of Dendritic Cells, Gamma Delta T cells and Natural Killer Cells in Malaysia offers remarkable hopes to understand and treat a broad range of tumour based cancers.

Care Regenerative Medicine (CARERM)’s use of Autologous Immunotherapy is based on the current trends and developments in Autologous Immunotherapy and is made available in Malaysia.

Immunotherapy, which works by manipulating patients own immune system to fight cancer, is a rapidly advancing field of translational science.  It has been recognized as the ‘Top Breakthrough of the Year 2013’ by the journal "Science”. Cellular immunotherapy takes advantage of activated immune cells including dendritic cells, natural killer cells, T-cells, etc. for treatment of cancers. 

Dr William Coley first intentionally tried to use immune system to fight cancer in 1891 when he injected bacterial toxins in a cancer patient.  Over the next hundred years, there have been many case reports of spontaneous regression of patients’ cancers, which were attributed to destruction of cancer cells by the immune system.  Thus, it appears that the immune system is an intricate variable in the prevention (and possibly even in the formation) of malignant neoplasm.  The strategies utilized by the immune system to fight cancer are largely the same methods used to fight infectious diseases. The difference lies in the fact that tumour antigens are human proteins that have been adapted to participate in carcinogenesis while pathogenic antigens are transcribed from their own, foreign genomes. Over the last two decades, a large number of academic institutions and companies have started pursuing cellular immunotherapy approach for treatment of cancer.   Both US FDA and EMEA has recently approved (April 2010) autologous cellular immunotherapy product from Dendreon for metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer.


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