Anti Cancer Autologous Immunotherapy: Breakthrough Cancer Treatment in Malaysia

Care Regenerative Medicine's innovative technological platform is based on the existing scientific breakthroughs in Dendritic Cell, Natural Killer cell and Gamma Delta T cell therapy for cancer, this field is centered towards the fast-growing field of cancer treatment in Malaysia which is gaining ground and gaining world-wide recognition. 

Due to the scientifically proven inherent immunological properties of Dendritic cells (DCs), Natural Killer Cells (NKs) and Gamma Delta T Cells (T), these cells are being utilized for cancer treatment in Malaysia and the rest of the world and time and again being called 'nature's adjuvants'. Given these capabilities, Dendritic Cells, Natural Killer Cells and T cells are now well-understood as an important vector in developing methods and techniques to use the same in generating therapeutic resistance against cancer.

Autologous Immunotherapy consisting of Dendritic cell, Natural Killer cell and Gamma Delta T cells therapy for cancer paves the way in a uniquely different cancer treatment—this is because this field focuses on targeting the immune system and not cancer itself. The principle of Dendritic Cell, Natural Killer Cells and Gamma Delta T Cells therapy is grounded on the precept of strengthening the immune system and training the components of immune system to fight cancer. 

TheravacDC+ Immunotherapy can be used along with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

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